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🌦️ April Wrap Up 🌦️

Well, now that I’ve adjusted to the new normal, I’ll be going back to work full time next week! I’m sure this will put a damper on my reading, and I have a HUGE TBR for May. I just could not decide!

April has been my best reading month with 12 books. I’m hoping to keep up and may up the count next month! I’m shooting for 10 a month, and anything over is great!

My favorite book this month was probably Girls with Razor Hearts by Suzanne Young. Crave by Tracy Wolff was a very close second! My least favorite book was Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn. I mean, I knew it was bad going into it, but I had to see what all of the fuss was about. Believe me. I saw.

I had a much better reading month in April. My ratings were a lot higher than March, which I was happy about. I read a lot of great books this month!

  1. Girls with Razor Hearts by Suzanne Young 🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️
  2. We Didn’t Ask for This by Adi Alsaid 🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️
  3. Ghosted in LA by Sina Grace 🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️
  4. Crave by Tracy Wolff 🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️
  5. Open Fire by Amber Lough 🌦️🌦️🌦️
  6. Deny Me by Karen Cole 🌦️🌦️🌦️
  7. Red Hood by Elana K Arnold 🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️.5
  8. The Burning by Laura Bates 🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️
  9. Shredded by Tracy Wolff 🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️
  10. Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn 🌦️
  11. What I Like About You by Marisa Kanter 🌦️🌦️🌦️🌦️
  12. Jane’s Team by Janie Marie 🌦️🌦️🌦️

🌦️ Stats 🌦️

  • Goodreads Goal: 41/120. I am two books AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! WHAT?! This is the first time all year I’ve been ahead of schedule and I am so excited!
  • I read 4427 pages, which is the most all year! I feel really great about this month. I am so proud of myself! My average rating was 3.71, which is also better than last month!
  • For genres, I read three contemporary and fantasy, two romance, one sci fi, thriller, and historical fiction and graphic novel.
  • This was a YA heavy month, with 10 YA books, one new adult and adult.
  • I read 9 ARCs this month – two more than last month! My tbr for May is very ARC heavy, so I’m hoping to keep making a dent in this pile I have! I am so very grateful and honored to have such an ARC heavy TBR pile!

🌦️ Yearly Goals Check In 🌦️

  • Goal of 10 books a month : I exceeded this goal with 12! It feels so good! Hoping to exceed it next month too.
  • TBR Posts : Still doing a post every Sunday, still only read 4 from it, haha. I am doing good slimming it down though! Under 1800!
  • Words & Whimsy : I had the pleasure of talking to Tracy Wolff this month! It was a blast! She is so sweet and down to earth. We have 7 chats (I think?) scheduled for May. I can’t wait to see who I’ll get to talk to! We have some big names this month – Christopher Paolini and then a joint chat with Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman! You don’t want to miss it! Join us here!
  • Words & Whimsy Reading Challenge : Our first month was a hit! May’s theme is Broken Worlds – aka space! We have open, interpretive criteria and fun group chats! Join here!
  • Mithah Reads : This month was hard blog wise. I’ve been working part time basically, but my three year old is NOT wanting to let me blog! And honestly, he wears me out so I’m going to bed a lot earlier! Hopefully once I’m back working full time in May I can get back into my blogging routine! I’ve got three blog tours next month and reviews from April to catch up on!
  • I’m still keeping up with my three blogging spreadsheets which I am very excited about. I love seeing all the data they track!

How many books did you read in April? What was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…

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April Wrap Up

Wow! How is April already gone? Mylzs second birthday is early next month and I am not at all prepared!

I totaled 17 books this month, which is pretty good for a hard month in book battle. I try to read at least 15 a month, so I’m glad I hit my goal. Nine were audios, which I think is a record. Three were graphic novels, which may also be a record. Then five physicals.

Here’s what I read:


  • True West by Sam Shepard – Two stars. I bought solely because Kit Harington was narrating it. I couldn’t even tell it was him and the story was hard to follow.
  • Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes – Five stars. Another creepy, enthralling read. Can’t wait for book 3.
  • What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Brundell – Four stars. Great mystery set right after WW2. Very emerging.
  • Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid – Five Star. Full review to come. Ensemble cast and one of the best audio’s I’ve ever heard.
  • The Greatest Love Story Ever Told by Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally – Five stars. Full review to come. Super funny.
  • One of the Guys by Delaney Diamond – Three star. Nothing wrong with it, but typical romance. Full review to come.
  • Picture Perfect love by Melissa McClone – Three stars. Another typical romance. Full review to come.
  • Yield by Lilia Moon – Three and a half stars. Super spicy read! Full Review to come.
  • Recalculating by Jennifer Weiner – Three and a half stars. Original mystery/thriller. Full review to come.


  • A Boy Called Bat by Elana K. Arnold – Four stars. Great introduction to kids who have autism.
  • The Dreadful Fate of Jonathan York by Kory Merritt – Four stars. Super creepy art.
  • Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson – Four stars. Great friendship and girl power. Full Review to come.


  • An Affair of Poisons by Addie Thorley – Four Stars. Love a book set in old Paris. Full review to come.
  • Little Darlings by Melanie Golding – Four and a half stars. Arc. Super creepy. Super amazing. Great look at PPD/PPA
  • Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce – Great beginning to one of the OGs of YA. This was recommended to me by another Words and Whimsy modmin and I loved it! Can’t wait to continue the series.
  • White Rose by Kip Wilson – Four stars. ARC. Written in verse. German resistance in WW2. Amazing read.
  • Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller – Five stars. My second Tricia book and I fell even more in love with her.

As you can see, I never stick to my TBRs. Ever. BUT I will have my May TBR up tomorrow!

Until next time..

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April Plan

Okay so I was going to post this days ago, but I have a sick two year old who only wants momma. So all those plans flew out the window.

This month I’m leading a team in book battle! I’ve never been a leader before, so it’s exciting!

I currently have nineteen books I want to read this month. And here they are! *drumroll please*

Nine of these are ARCs! So far two are audio, but I’ll probably sprinkle more audios in while working.

So far I’m having an issue committing to a book. I don’t know what the deal is.

Here’s a little update since we’re a few days in April:

– I finished Picture Perfect Love. 3 stars. It’s a typical love story with HEA. This was a novella. I was quite interested in the characters and I think I would have liked it more if it were longer.

– I finished Recalculating. 4 Stars. This was a good suspense novella. The story was intriguing and I have never read a book with this suspense plot line. I was only sad that it was 40 pages so I couldn’t count it for book battle!

– I’ve tried starting and restarting The Antidote about three times now. I’m just confused and can’t get into it. Can anyone convince me to read it?

That’s all for now. Warrior of the Wild and The Program reviews will come as soon as sick baby allows!

Until next time…