Review Policy

Want me to review your book? I’d LOVE to and I’m SO glad you chose me for the job!

My reviews are not professional critiques by any means, just my personal thoughts and feelings, as though I am talking to a friend. I always felt these reviews gave me a better insight into what I would and wouldn’t like about a book! I promise to always be respectful of the author and subject matter, and never to downgrade or speak negatively of them!

I can review print or e-book ARCs. I don’t have a preference!

I try to read and review ARCs depending on release date. I strive to have my review ready to publish before or on the release date!

Upon completion of the book, I will post my review to: my blog (, Goodreads, Instagram, and Amazon!

My favorite genres to review are: YA fantasy, YA contemporary, mystery, thriller, true crime, new adult, adult fantasy, 
adult romance

For review inquiries, please email me at I’d love to hear from you!