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🌞 May TBR 🌞

Okay, I went REALLY ambitious with this months TBR! I am participating in Words & Whimsy Reading Challenge again, along with Bookemon! I just learned about Bookemon Readathon and I am so excited. I love Pokemon and reading, so putting them together is heaven for me!

First let’s start off with Words & Whimsy. Our theme is space – Broken Worlds! Here’s our criteria, Instagram challenge, and mini game!

Now, let’s get into this TBR.

Now for Bookemon! The bookemon I choose as my sidekick is Paperchu! Since he is electric, I get 100 combat points for every hour I read electronically. Since I read exclusively on kindle, I thought he was perfect for me!

All of my books can fit somewhere into the bookemon criteria, but there are a few I have added to complete additional challenges.

So as you can see, I have 16 books on my TBR. That’s a lot for me, but I’m hoping to get through as many as I can!

What’s on your TBR for May? Do we share any books? Are you participating in Bookemon or Words & Whimsy Reading Challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time…

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May Wrapup AND June TBR. What?!

Yall. This month has been CRAZY. I’ve been getting back to the gym. My husband had his wisdom teeth taken out. I have a two year old so that’s crazy.

I’ve gotta carve out more me time somewhere! I also need to read. Its June 9 and I have read a whopping ZERO books this month! Omg.

I am almost done with an ARC from Netgalley that I’m so excited to share with you guys! Its serving YA, contemporary, medical realness and I am in LOVE!
Okay, so maybe I have been watching A LOT of Queer Eye this month and I am OBSESSED. Especially with Jonathan. Be my bff? Please?

Jonathan if he ever sees this post.

ANYWAYS. So May reads.

The Beautiful Brain.
Audible Original.
Four stars for a medical book about CTE and brain injuries. I loved it. Most people probably won’t though, I wouldn’t think. I just look a good medical book.

The Shift.
Four Stars.
I read this in honor of Nurse’s Week that was May 6-12. Its a memoir about a day in the life of a nurse. I loved it. It brought back the feels of being a nurse on the floor I used to have.

3.5 Stars. This is a graphic novel, but I listened to the audio. The audio was good, the actors were good. But I think I would have liked the graphic novel better.

Collective 3 stars for this sci-fi romance series. Each book follows a different alien and his mate. They were good. The romance scenes were spicy. It just didn’t jump out as being over a 3 star.

Aurora Rising.
Oh my.
Definitely my most favorite read of the month and will probably be top 5 for the year.
I am LIVING for Kal. I mean. I want that body. haha!
Plus, I got to talk DnD with Jay Kristoff after our author chat. He is the sweetest, most genuine guy. I love him and want to play DnD with him. Love him. Love this book. Full review to come but just go read it right now.

Four star book.
This was a great book about magic and carnivals and deception. I can’t wait to read the next two installments!

Five stars.
This was a reread. I read the physical version last year and LOVED the format. It was so interesting and original.
I listened to the audio this month and it may have been better! It was full cast. All the voice actors were amazing. Its a book that I would love to listen as I read along.

Whatever Normal Is.
Two stars.
This was the very first ARC I received.
I loved the cover, but the story was just… not good.

12 Days of Forever.
Three stars.
Typical audio romance. Wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad.

Five Stars.
Book two of the Illuminae files.
AMAZING. Again, I read the physical. The format was amazing. It follows different characters, so I was scared I wouldn’t like them as much. This was not the case.
New book boyfriend in the bad-boy main character.

Standing Sideways.
Four Star.
Full review posted. This was an arc I received and I really loved the way it looked at loss and redemption.

June plan? WHAT June plan?

I’m just trying to read a book, guys. But really, my plan is to read as many ARCs as possible and get caught up. Fingers crossed!

Until next time…